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Tales Of Middle-Earth Empty Tales Of Middle-Earth

So, Danie asked me to do a new story, and I have finally finished it... Here it is:

Tales from Middle-Earth.

Deep in the forest, in the darkest part of all, there was a cave. Its entrance was above ground, but as you entered it, it went further down and stretched far into the earth. In this cave, a horrible ogre lived. She was the most hideous creature you would ever meet, and always in a bad mood.
Now you might think, that such a creature would live all alone in the forest, and never be bothered by anyone – and you’d be somewhat right. But she did not live there alone. No, for many years now, she had had a human girl as her personal slave. Where Madam (as the ogre preferred to be called) had gotten the human child, no one knows. But where our story begins, the child had grown up to be a beautiful young woman, and her name was Evelyn.
Evelyn could not remember ever having been other places than with Madam. In a way she was the only mother Evelyn, but not a kind one. From the break of dawn ‘till long after nightfall, Evelyn was forced to keep the cave for Madam, in terms of cleaning, cooking, gathering food and many more things.
Now, you might think that Evelyn would be tempted to run away, but sadly, she had never had the courage to do so. So even though she went around in the forest by herself, she always came back to the cave. But fate would have it, that on this day, Evelyn’s life would change in a way, she had never imagined – and never could have imagined.
As she did every morning, Evelyn went down to the river to get water, and she had just turned a corner, when she saw someone sitting by the riverbank. She quickly hid behind a big boulder, shy as she was. Madam had always told her, that she was not allowed to talk to anyone, and had scared her with stories of what could happen with young girls, who met strangers. But as Evelyn carefully looked at the stranger, she noticed it was a woman. The woman had her back turned to Evelyn, but she could see long black hair, shining in the sunlight. And the most amazing thing of all – the woman was singing, Evelyn did not know the song, but it was the most beautiful song she had ever heard. And as the woman sang, the water seemed to take on strange shapes – like it was doing the woman’s bidding. Evelyn was curious. People never ventured into this part of the forest; so why was the woman here?
Like I mentioned, fate had a plan for Evelyn this day and before she could move, the woman suddenly turned around and looked Evelyn right in her eyes. Evelyn froze. The woman slowly got up, and Evelyn saw that she was not very tall. In fact she only reached Evelyn to her shoulders. The woman smiled, and said “Hello”. Evelyn could not make a sound – it was like her voice had disappeared. The woman slowly came closer, still smiling. “My name is Katarzyna, but you can call me Kate”, the woman said. “What’s your name?” Still Evelyn was silent. She looked at Kate, not knowing what to do. But Kate had already noticed that the poor girl was terrified, so she began singing a new song, and suddenly Evelyn started feeling relaxed – it was like all her fears had melted away. “I’m Evelyn” she finally whispered. Kate smiled again. “You need not fear me, Evelyn. I’m not going to hurt you.” Kate went back to the river and filled her waterskin. “I’m only passing through. I’m trying to reach Erebor, seeking my own kind.” Evelyn was taken aback. She had heard of Erebor, dwarves lived there. But Madam had told her so many terrible stories of dwarves, that she feared them. But what did the woman Kate mean by “her own kind”? “Are you a…. a dwarf?” Evelyn finally asked Kate. Kate just smiled. “I’m half a dwarf. You see, my mother was human. Her name was Cristal. And though it was not a common thing, she married my father Jarin, who was a dwarf. But now they’re gone, so I’m trying to find out more about my dwarfish side. Sadly my father never told me much about his family.” Evelyn thought it sounded weird, that a human and dwarf could marry – but at the same time, she was curious. Not only to hear more, but also she was strangely fascinated by this half-dwarf, half-human Kate. “I didn’t think anyone lived out here”, Kate said. “Is there a village nearby?” Evelyn shook her head. “No, it’s just me and… eeehhmmm….nothing” “You and nothing?” Kate asked. She had a feeling Evelyn was hiding something, she had never met anyone this scared and shy before. “Well” Kate said “you could come with me, if you want to, I could use some company” But that was the wrong thing to say. Evelyn’s eyes went big with terror. “No, no I can’t leave” she said. “Why not?” “I just can’t…. She would… Eehhhh… Never mind!” Now Kate was even more curious. Normally she didn’t pay much attention to other humans, but there was something different about this girl. Kate smiled, a dazzling smile, and said “Listen Evelyn, why don’t you tell me what’s wrong? Maybe I can help you?” Evelyn was about to refuse the offer, when she looked into Kate’s eyes. They were a warm brown colour, like a bear skin to wrap yourself in. And before she knew it, Evelyn was telling Kate everything.
After Evelyn had finished her story, Kate sat down on a small rock nearby and said:” You cannot stay with that ogre, Evelyn. I would not feel comfortable leaving you here with that thing. I think I can help you escape!” “No!” Evelyn said “if I leave, she’ll hunt me down and punish me! She would never let me escape, never!” “Hmmm…“ Kate thought about it for a minute, then she said:” Listen, Evelyn, I have my own kind of magic – you probably saw what I did to the water. I can make the ogre fall asleep, and then I will kill her!” Evelyn felt horrified. It was not that she loved Madam, but the ogre was all she had, for good or bad. “But, but this is my home” she finally whispered. Kate looked at her, not sure if she could believe her own ears. “Evelyn, you deserve so much better. I’ll be your friend – I will look after you! I promise!!” And as Evelyn once again looked into Kate’s wonderful eyes, she knew, that Kate was telling her the truth. She would not abandon her. The thought of a friend seemed so overwhelming to Evelyn, but it also made her feel something she’d never felt before. She couldn’t tell what the feeling was – only that it felt good.

Soon after, Evelyn was leading Kate back to the cave. When they closed in on the doorway, Kate told Evelyn to pick some moss, and put it in her ears. Evelyn hurried to do so, and when she couldn’t hear a thing, Kate moved up to the entrance of the cave and began to sing. But this was a different song – its tones filled the cave in an eerie way, and thought Madam was enraged by it, she soon fell into a deep dreamless sleep. As soon as Kate was sure that the ogre was asleep, she pulled out her father’s sword and went into the cave. She soon found the sleeping ogre, and without a second thought, she plunged the sword through the ogre’s heart! The ogre gave a slight twitch and then the whole body turned to dust. Kate went out to Evelyn, and once she’d removed the moss, Evelyn went in to collect whatever things, she might want. She quickly gathered a few things, and without a second glance, she walked away with Kate towards The Lonely Mountain.

Meanwhile, to the South, the dwarf king Balor was pacing in his chambers. He was worried, for an evil and powerful Witch was threatening the borders of his land, and he needed help. He had sent out messengers with pleas for help and he hoped that someone would come. Quietly, the door opened, and the queen, Lisani, came in. She looked at her husband, and knew he was deeply troubled. For many a year, they had ruled the Southern Dwarf kingdom and now they faced this horrible threat. They had heard tales of this Witch, spoken of in whispers, and Lisani wondered if it was true, that the Witch was not only a powerful sorceress, but could also control the elements. She sighed and went up to King Balor. “My love, help will come – I am sure of it” she said gently. He smiled at her and kissed her hand. “I know” he said “I just hope help will come in time. Orcs are already crossing our borders, and we may not be able to hold them back for long. If only all the orcs had been destroyed at The Battle Of The Five Armies, then the Witch would not have been able to secure the help of the surviving ones.” He turned towards the door and called for the guard. “Find Maone – tell her I require her presence!” He continued pacing, until the doors opened and Maone came in. She was different from the other dwarfwomen. Not only because she was the queens sister, but also because she preferred the ways of the warrior. And it showed. Her long black hair was braided and held back from her face, which revealed a long equally black beard, also braided and decorated with silver. She always wore hardened leather pants and shirt, several knives hid in various places and at her belt hang her trusted sword, Gorzharr, The Fire Beast. The only thing that stood out, was her emerald green eyes, which looked at everything with suspicion.
She bowed low for the king and queen saying “At your service, my king and queen”. King Balor knew she was the best warrior he had, and that was the reason for his decision to have her in the frontline against the orcs. But before she took the dwarves out, he asked her to help secure the mountain. The gates needed closing and several dwarves should be ready on watch. She bowed low again and went out to see it done. A smile started spreading on her face. Finally! War was coming!

Kate and Evelyn had been walking all day, and when the sun finally set, they made camp. Kate got a fire going and Evelyn made some tea. At first, nothing much was said. Evelyn still wondered how all this had come to happen, and Kate took out her sword to polish it. Evelyn looked at Kate for a while, and then she quietly said:” That’s a beautiful sword – where did you get it?” Kate looked up from the sword and smiled. “This is Idralin, Light-Bringer” she said “it belonged to my father, Jarin. Long ago, before he met my mother, he was in a large battle against goblins. After the battle, he went though the armory and found this sword. Normally a dwarf would not use an Elven made sword, but he was struck by its beauty and the fact that it glowed blue, when goblins or orcs were around. So he kept it. When I was just a young girl, he told me, that the sword got its name, because after destroying goblins or orcs, the sun would come out and the darkness would disappear.” Evelyn listened in awe and asked: ”Where are your parents now?” Kate’s smile faded. “After The Battle Of The Five Armies, many orcs were still alive, even though elves, dwarves and eagles chased them. Eventually some of them came upon our village. My father and the other men did their best to fight them back, and they almost succeeded, when a small group of orcs broke the ranks and went after the women and children. Many died on both sides. My mother was a brave woman, and my father had taught her to use a sword, but against 3 orcs at once, she was killed. When my father saw her fall, he went crazy with sorrow and charged into the midst of the orcs. He too fell, but not before taking down several orcs.” Kate sighed and sadness seemed to wash over her at the thought of her family. “I was not very old, just about 13 years old, and when the orcs had stormed the village, my mother had hid me under the floor in our house, telling me not to come out no matter what happened or whatever I heard. And I stayed there, until all was silent again. Our village had won, but many were dead, and I was all alone. Some of my mother’s friends took me in, but I swore on that day, that I would find my fathers people and get my revenge over the orcs. And so the next 10 years, I spent every waking hour training with my father’s sword. I finally left the village, and sought out every swordsman I could find, to learn more. And now, at 28, I finally feel ready to move on with the first step of my plan: Finding the dwarves! And perhaps finding some family and hopefully a home again.” Kate fell silent, and Evelyn could not think of anything to say.
Soon after, they went to sleep. Or, Kate did, but Evelyn lay awake for a long time, thinking of Kate’s story. At least Evelyn had never known her family and did not know what to miss, but Kate, having had a perfect life with her parents, only to have it all taken from her. Evelyn couldn’t stop tears from swelling up in her eyes – it was just so sad. She looked up at the moon and decided that she would do everything, she could to help Kate find the dwarves. And with that thought, she finally fell asleep.

The next few days went by without any problems, in fact, they didn’t meet anyone at all. Then suddenly, at nightfall on the 4th day, they were caught in the middle of a terrible thunderstorm. Rain poured down and soon they were soaked right through to their skin. And with the darkness getting thicker, they could hardly see where they were going. They clung to each other as they tried to make their way through the forest. Evelyn was shaking with cold and could barely walk any further, when Kate cried out: “Look! There’s a light ahead, let’s see if we can find shelter!” And so, stumbling over small rocks, Evelyn followed Kate towards the light. As they came closer, they could make out the edges of what seemed to be a small house. They went around and finally found the door. Kate had only knocked once, when the door was opened by a strange looking woman. She had long brown hair, covering almost all of her pale face. She had on a dress that seemed to be made up of several pieces of clothes in green and brown colours. “Please come in” the woman said in a kind voice “this is not a night to spend out in the forest.” Kate and Evelyn went inside the house that was lit up by the fireplace and a few candles. “Thank you so much” Kate said, “We truly appreciate this gesture.” “I knew you were coming, please come and sit by the fire, and I will prepare some food for you” the woman said. “You know us?” Kate said puzzled. She and Evelyn looked at each other. “Yes, I know you. I am Sarah, The Wood Witch. I listen to the wind in the trees, read the dancing of the leaves and hear the brook sing its song. I know you are looking for the dwarves, Katarzyna, and that you have saved Evelyn from the ogre. I will help you find the dwarves, because they are not at Erebor, at least not the ones you need to meet. As we speak, they are making their way south, to the dwarf King Balor. He is in dire need of their help to fight an evil Witch that seeks to control all these peaceful lands.” Kate couldn’t hide her excitement at this news! The dwarves were close?
Sarah took good care of them, fed them, and once dry and comfortable in a warm bed, they fell asleep, feeling content and overwhelmed.

The next morning, Sarah had laid out new clothes for them both. Once they had put them on, they looked completely different. Kate had tight brown leather pants, a cotton shirt in a greenish colour, a leather vest and a very comfortable long coat. Evelyn had gotten a new dress, a lovely greyish blue colour to match her eyes. She also got leather pants, but a softer version to wear under her dress that had high cuts on either side, so she could easily move about. And to keep her warm, a nice cape in a warm brown colour. Once they had finished dressing, they braided each others hair, to make sure it wouldn’t fall into their eyes and blind them at a critical moment.
Afterwards Sarah took them outside and showed them which path to follow to get to the dwarves. They thanked her many times, but she just urged them to hurry on, or they might miss the out on the chance for Kate to meet her father’s people. And so Evelyn and Kate walked on, feeling their spirits lifted by Sarah and her help. Soon, they reached the edge of the forest, and going by Sarah’s instructions, they turned to the south in pursuit of the dwarves that had left Erebor, two days earlier. It wasn’t before long that they seem to pick up sounds of heavy feet on the ground. They stayed hidden, but crept along the rocks to see if they had finally found the dwarves.
It wasn’t until dusk, that they reached the dwarf army – that had stopped to rest for the night. It wasn’t completely dark yet, so Evelyn and Kate crept closer to have a good look. But suddenly, Evelyn foot slipped and she rolled down the rocks, landing right in front of the dwarves. She dizzily sat up, only to see the dwarves staring at her with anger and disbelief. They all had their weapons out, and one fierce looking dwarf was just about to reach her, when Kate jumped out from behind the rocks, with Idralin held high. She reached Evelyn and stood in front of her, yelling at the dwarves to stand back! “Who are you?” said the fierce looking dwarf “why are you following us? And why are you protecting a human?” Kate didn’t move; she looked him straight in the eyes, and said: “I am Katarzyna, daughter of Jarin. I have come to seek my father’s people. The human, Evelyn, is my friend.” The leader of the dwarves looked at her, and said: “At your service, Katarzyna, I am Thorin Oakenshield – King Under The Mountain. Where these not difficult times, I would gladly welcome you to my mountain, but I fear that you have found me at the wrong time. I and my fellow dwarves are on our way to The Southern Kingdom to help King Balor fight back an evil Witch.“ Kate lowered her sword and said: “My king, I have heard of this Witch and if you allow it, I and my friend will fight with you!” Thorin smiled. He thought for a moment and then said: “I thank you for your offer, but I cannot guarantee the safety of either you or your friend. If you decide to come with us, you are more than welcome, but I leave the choice with you.”
Kate bowed to the king, and helped up Evelyn, who had been sitting on the ground all this time. They went over to a fire nearby and sat down. The dwarves next to them didn’t say much, just glanced at them from time to time. Kate started polishing her sword, and Evelyn looked around at the dwarves. She had never seen a full blooded dwarf before and she was a bit weary at being in the middle of a dwarf army. She wasn’t sure if the dwarf King Thorin had been honest when he said they were both welcome to join them. Maybe he had just said that to be nice, and then when she went to sleep, he would have her tied up and left behind – or worse, killed in her sleep. She shook her head, what kind of thought was that to have. He could have killed her, when she tumbled into their midst, of course she would be alright. All she had to do was stay close to Kate. She looked over at Kate. Even though she was still polishing her sword, Evelyn noticed the somewhat hidden glances Kate made at the dwarves. But she wasn’t scared – her face seemed all lit up, she was happy. Evelyn was happy for Kate, but couldn’t figure out what her role in all of this would be. And then there was this king – she couldn’t stop her thoughts as they went back to Thorin. He had scared her, but she didn’t blame him. While Kate was talking to him, Evelyn had noticed that he had the most amazing blue eyes. Such a contrast to his black hair. And when he smiled, he didn’t look scary at all – that one smile had changed his whole face, so it looked almost warm and trustworthy. Evelyn stopped her thoughts right there – what was she doing? He was a dwarf, and not just any dwarf, a king. She was only a human; the smile had not been for her. While she pondered these new and weird thoughts, a couple of dwarves came over to them. Kate looked up with curiosity as they sat down. One was dark like Thorin, but the other had golden hair. “Hello” the golden haired one said, “My name is Fili, this is my brother Kili – we are the kings nephews.” Kate and Evelyn looked at each other, before Kate said: “At your service, my princes. I am Katarzyna, and this is my friend, Evelyn.” They smiled at Evelyn, and then concentrated on Kate. They asked her about her father, where she had lived and how much she knew about dwarves in general. Evelyn listened to them at first, while Kate explained, but soon she couldn’t concentrate on the conversation, as she had already heard Kate’s story. She wrapped her cape closer around her and leaned back against a rock. She looked up at the stars and before she knew it, she fell asleep.

The next morning, Kate shook her awake and after a quick breakfast, the dwarves were on their way again. Evelyn did her best to keep up with Kate, but Fili and Kili were still with them and all of Kates attention was on them. So Evelyn started looking around at the landscape, and without even thinking about it, her eyes searched for Thorin. She thought she caught a glimpse of him at one point, but soon she had to keep her focus on where they were going. In the distance mountains soon appeared, and the road started to rise. She was getting tired now, and almost tripped over a small rock on the road. Luckily Kate caught her, and held on to her arm as they kept going. Evelyn then noticed that the dwarf princes had gone. “Where’s the two princes?” she asked Kate. Kate said something about consulting with their uncle. Evelyn took a closer look at Kate – her eyes were shining with delight. “Do you like those two?” Evelyn asked. Kate’s pale cheeks turned a lovely rosey red at the question. “Eehhhmmm… Yeah, they’re nice” she finally said and looked away.
Evelyn said nothing more, but couldn’t stop a small smile at the thought of a blushing Kate. She wondered which of the two, Kate preferred.

But she didn’t have long to ponder this, because as they started going up the mountain, a lone dwarf stepped out in front of them. Thorin called for a halt, and approached the dwarf alone. Evelyn’s eyes were glued to his back, while he talked to the dwarf.
The dwarf, Thorin encountered, was Maone, the queen’s sister, as you might remember. She showed clear signs of having been in battle with orcs. Where the leather was visible, it had cuts that were clearly made by a blade, and the metal helmet was dented. Her hair looked like it had been burned, and her face was striped with dirt. Evelyn thought she looked incredibly fierce and a bit wild. Soon after they moved on and entered the mountain. Evelyn stayed as close to Kate as she possibly could. Thorin and his nephews went with Maone to see King Balor, and the rest were offered a seat and something to drink.

Thorin and his nephews entered King Balor’s chamber and the counsel began. Balor told Thorin how they had been fighting several small orc armies for the last week. But even though his dwarves had been able to drive them back, they now feared something else was coming. Everyone had heard the whispered rumour of the Evil Witch and the sky to the South – and her domain – was darkening rapidly. Scouts had reported that the Witch herself was on the move, followed by her orc army. While the orcs did not worry King Balor, he was deeply worried about the Witch and her magic. The dwarves themselves had a special kind of magic, but nothing to compare with that of a mighty sorceress. For long they discussed what they should do.

Meanwhile, Evelyn and Kate had been given a mug of ale and were sitting among the other dwarves. After a while, Evelyn had started talking to an older dwarf, named Balin, who was very kind to her. Kate did not say anything, she was deep in thought. First she was thinking of the upcoming battle, but she did not fear it, as she knew she would have no problem fighting the orcs. And it did not take her thought long before they started dwelling on Thorins nephews, or more specifically, just one of them. Evelyn had been right, she did like them, but she also remembered how she had not been able to take her eyes of the golden haired one, Fili. This was the first time, she had encountered dwarves other than her father, and she cursed herself for not being able to keep him out of her head. Was she really that simple? To fall for – almost - the first dwarf she laid eyes on. So, he had been nice to her and had been interested in her life, but did it actually mean anything? Maybe he was just trying to be nice and that was it. Kate felt like her head was spinning. She had also liked his brother, Kili, but Fili was so different from her – almost her complete opposite. She was dark as the night, and he was like the sun. Making her heart beat faster and spreading a warm light all over her. She pushed the mug away and rested her head on her hands. No matter how hard she tried, she kept seeing his blue eyes, watching her at the fire last night. She wanted to concentrate on some magic songs, she could use against the Witch, but those eyes! She finally just gave up, and let Fili and his wonderful eyes fill her head.
Evelyn felt all relaxed, and enjoyed talking to Balin. He told her stories of Erebor and of the quest to save the mountain from a horrible dragon, named Smaug. She had never seen a dragon and was pretty sure, she would have hid in a hole, rather than take it on. But Balin was also good at capturing the funny parts of the story, and soon she found herself laughing. And so she or Kate didn’t notice another scout running through the hall towards Balors chambers.
The scout had bad news for them – the darkness was moving faster, by this rate, it would be at the mountain tomorrow morning. They all looked horrified for a second, but then their faces turned grim and they all got up to prepare the dwarves for battle.

Everyone gathered in the Great Hall and king Balor told them of the oncoming army. He needed them all to be ready to move out before the first light and they all cheered for him. The dwarves that had come with Thorin, did not know much of the evil Witch, neither did most of them they care.
Kate and Evelyn had heard the kings speech, and while Evelyn quickly turned to Balin, asking him for his opinion, Kates eyes fell on Fili, as he stood by his uncle. Then he suddenly caught her eyes, smiled and winked at her. She was quite aware that her heart just skipped a beat – or had it stopped beating completely? She did not know or care.
Soon after, Fili and Kili came over to Kate and Evelyn. Evelyn was still talking to Balin and Kili soon joined their conversation; which left Kate and Fili pretty much alone. “Are you nervous about tomorrow?” he asked. Kate shook her head, saying: “About the battle itself, no. I only worry about the Witch. It would have been nice to know more of her and her magic.” Fili smiled and nodded. “Yeah, the orcs should be no problem, but you’re right. How we can defeat a Witch, I do not know.” Kate had not mentioned her own magic to anyone, and now she wondered if she should tell Fili about it. But seeing the way he was looking at her, she finally sighed and said: “Look, I don’t know if this will help, but I have a magic of my own. I have always been able to enchant people with my singing, I do not know if it is strong enough to harm the Witch, but I would try my best.” He looked surprised, but also curious, and started asking her about this magic. The rest of the day he and Kili stayed with them. Kate was terribly aware of herself, she tried to hide it, but she had a sneaking suspicion that her cheeks were a bit redder than usual and that she smiled a lot.
Evelyn, on the other hand, was really enjoying herself. She had found out that she actually liked the dwarves and was getting more outspoken, daring to ask even the weirdest questions. But while she took part of the conversation, she could not keep her eyes from wandering, looking for Thorin. At one point, his eyes went her way, but she was sure he was just looking for his nephews.
It was not long after, that they were all told to get some rest, and the dwarves went to sleep on the floor. It took Kate a great deal of time to fall asleep, thoughts roaming in her head. But finally she just sighed and closed her eyes.

Morning came too quickly, and soon they were on their way out onto the battlefield. There was a chill in the wind, but it made them all the more alert. They could barely see the sun rising, for the darkness had almost reached them. Kate stood in the back, clutching the handle of Idralin. She gazed up at the mountainside and spotted Evelyn. While the dwarves had told Evelyn not to take part in the battle itself, she had refused to remain inside the mountain. Balin had even lent her a couple of beautiful knives, when no one was looking. She did not want to join the battle, but she wanted to know what was going on. She worried about Kate, but a small part of her also worried about Thorin. He was a king, should he really be in the front line? She realized that there was a lot she did not know about dwarves.

Soon the darkness had crept over them all, blocking out the sun and they could see the vast army of orcs. But the dwarves held their ranks in place. The orcs moved towards them and with a fierce battlecry Thorin led the dwarves on into the orcs. Evelyn had a good view of the battle from the height, and it was easy for her to find Kate in the midst, as Idralin shone in a blazing blue colour. Soon the battlefield looked one big mess – orc heads flying, blood spattering everywhere. Evelyn began pacing back and forth, like a wolf in a cage. The dwarves were incredible fighters, only a one or two had fallen, as far as she could see. Even with arrows flying all over the place, they did not duck down or hide. They just kept going. Evelyn stood there, feeling so terribly helpless. She knew nothing of fighting, but she wished she would have been able to help the dwarves, in any way possible. The fighting was a bit confusing for Kate at first, as she was not used to so many enemies at once, but she had no problems, it was like she instinctively knew where to turn and where. Her beautiful sword, Idralin, was covered in black orc blood.
Suddenly there seemed to be a thinning of orcs, and Kate realized that they had most likely killed almost all the orcs. But Evelyn saw something, the fighters didn’t. In the distance, a blaze of light grew in a midst of black. She wondered why the orcs surrounding it, didn’t seem hurt. Then she froze. It was the Witch. But from the battlefield, the Witch was still not visible to the dwarves. She had to warn them, and without a single thought, she ran down the mountain side.
The dwarves were just finishing off the last of the orcs, when Evelyn came running towards them, yelling and screaming: “The Witch! She’s coming… The Witch!” Kate turned, and finally the dwarves noticed the blazing light, moving towards the battlefield. Evelyn had reached Kate, panting and gasping for air. The dwarves quickly regrouped and stood together, looking mighty fierce and grim. Then the Witch reached the edge of the battlefield and for a second, the dwarves could not move. The Witch was incredibly beautiful. It hardly looked as if she touched the ground at all, when she moved. Her skin was white as snow, her eyes like ice and her hair like flames, flowing down her back. She was sending out a blinding light, and yet the dwarves could not take their eyes away from her.
Kate and Evelyn, however, were not so amazed by the Witch. Soon Kate realized that it was an enchantment, and she wrecked her brain to come up with a song, that could help. She looked around, and saw Fili and Kili by their uncle’s side, deep in trance, like the other dwarves. Kate felt the anger swell up in her, and without thinking, she started singing an eerie song. It was as though the song had its own life, she did not know what she was singing, but Evelyn, who was following closely behind Kate, could see the effect. Kate kept singing, her eyes turning to fire and a strange light seemed to flow from her, twirling around the dwarves and building a wall between them and the Witch. The dwarves shook their heads and were once more alert and ready to fight. But Kate kept singing, and several of the dwarves formed a ring around her, to protect her. The Witch was enraged when she saw that her magic suddenly had no effect on the dwarves, and quickly pinpointed the source. So, they had their own little witch among them? She sent in the rest of her orcs, to break the dwarves’ ranks, and so the fighting started again. Cries, yelling, blood flowing, it was terrible. The Witch moved towards Kate, wanting to destroy that feeble witch. She sent spell after spell after Kate, but they all fell flat against her magic wall. But the Witch was clever. She noticed a group of dwarves huddling together and sent a Fire spell towards them, making the ground shake and throwing several of them into the air. Evelyn looked at the explosion in horror, but kept telling Kate to keep singing. The Witch still came closer, and Evelyn saw that Thorin now was facing her. Without thinking, Evelyn jumped out from behind Kate and ran towards Thorin. Everything seemed to move in slow motion. The Witch cast an Ice spell at Thorin and the surrounding dwarves, but a second before the ice hit him, Evelyn threw herself at him, knocking him on the ground. Thorin quickly sat up, holding on to Evelyn. Then he saw it. A large chunk of ice was sticking out of her back. She had saved his life, but hers was now lost. He looked at her, gently touching her cheek. She smiled a weak smile, before her eyes went blank and she saw nothing more.
Kate had seen it all happen, and tears swelled up in her eyes. She could not stop singing. It was as if the song had completely taken over her body, but inside she screamed over the loss of her friend. Thorin had gathered up some dwarves and they now stood beside Kate. The Witch laughed at them. A terrible laugh, that seemed to chill them all the way through their bones. So far, she had been amused at their attempt to stop her, like that was even possible. But now she was getting bored and wanted to end this ridiculous fight. She now faced the dwarves and Kate, who was standing in their midst. The Witch drew out a long sword that seemed to be made up of pure magic, like a mix between fire and ice it shone. It was Farandril – The Bringer of Death and Darkness.
A single swing of her sword, and several dwarves fell to the ground. But Kate was not afraid; she still had Idralin in her hand, shining like a thousand blue flames. The song, she had no control over, faded away, and Kate moved towards the Witch, holding Idralin high in front of her. Again, the Witch laughed her chilling laugh at the sight of this small dwarfish woman, daring to challenge her. Nothing could stand against Farandril, its blade cut through metal like it was butter. But Kate stood her ground. She could not let the Witch win this. Not when she had finally found other dwarves and had fallen in love. The last thing that went through her mind, before she engaged the Witch, was Fili’s clear blue eyes and his smile.
The Witch struck a blow at Kate, but instead of splitting her sword in half, Idralin caught Farandril in an explosion of light. The Witch looked puzzled for a second, but did not stop her from swinging her sword at Kate. The dwarves starting hacking their way through the remaining orcs and soon the Witch was standing alone, with a determined and fierce looking Kate facing her. Tears were running down Kates face, as she caught another strike from the Witch. Kate pushed Farandril out of her way, and before the Witch could react, Kate had plunged Idralin deep into the Witch’s stomach.
The Witch stopped, looking down at the sword sticking out of her and without a sound she burst into an explosion of light that knocked everyone off their feet.

Kate slowly got up. She felt dizzy, and her body ached. The sun had broken through the darkness and for a moment she was blinded by the light. She looked around and saw dwarves getting up too. Suddenly, she remembered that it had been a while, since she last had seen either Fili or Kili, for that matter. She got up and started looking for them. It was not long before she encountered Kili and Thorin. They looked bruised and dirty, but were in a good mood. She slowly walked around the battlefield, and finally she came upon the place, where the Witch had thrown her Fire spell. She shivered at the thought of all the lives lost, and tears swelled up in her eyes again, when she remembered Evelyn. She moved among the bodies of dwarves and orcs, until she suddenly noticed golden hair, gently moving in the wind. She jumped forward, and turned over the body of Fili. She held him in her arms, still with tears rolling down her cheeks. It could not be. The Witch was gone, she had saved them all – he could not be dead. She rested her forehead on his lovely hair and cried. Then she felt a tremble, and when she lifted her head and looked at him, his eyes were open, and he had a smile on his face. She laughed and cried at the same time, as they clung to each other. After a while, she helped him up. He had several cuts and bruises, and had hurt his leg, but she put her arm around him and helped him back to Thorin and Kili. The remaining dwarves had gathered around them. They all looked bruised and dirty. Further back, Maone was seen walking around, finishing off orcs that were still alive. She looked just as worn as the others, and had a deep cut on her arm. But she didn’t seem to notice. When she couldn’t find any more orcs alive, she came over to the other dwarves. She had lost a lot of blood and could hardly stand on her feet, but a few dwarves grabbed her and helped her back to the mountain, to heal her wound.

Later that day, all the dead had been gathered and a grand funeral took place in the lower part of the mountain. Even though she was human, Evelyn too was buried there, and she was even mentioned in future songs of this battle.

Thorin and his remaining dwarves stayed a while with king Balor, to rest and heal.

Kate stood by herself, looking out over the battlefield. She said a small prayer for Evelyn, and thought of all that had happened within these last weeks. Suddenly, she felt a warm hand slipping into hers. When she turned, Fili stood beside her and smiled. They went back to Thorin and the dwarves and began their way back. Hand in hand, they walked, ready to face their future together.


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Tales Of Middle-Earth :: Comments


Post on Sat Dec 08, 2012 11:01 pm by aBeardedWoman

I so love this!!!!

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Post on Sun Dec 09, 2012 2:52 pm by Pure-Maiden7


OK... well.... I read it... and I love it.... When I skimmed through the amount of writing you did I was like 'Ouch... This is a lot of reading...' But when I got into it, I didn't want it to end!
I love your portrayal of Evelyn! She is so adorable! I love the new found companionship of Evelyn and Kate at the beginning too! And the switch with who is the main character is quite funny... Cuz Evelyn is viewed at the beginning, so is she the main character, or is it Kate, the one that has been mentioned the most often?

The optimistic part of the story [the beginning and bit when they first met the dwarves] I couldn't help but listen to this song [when reading the story from Evelyn's point of view]:

Cuz of Evelyn spending most of her life with that ogre, cleaning the place, wondering when her life will begin :D

I actually started to cry when Kate was talking about her past!

And when I picture Evelyn with Kate [and later on with the dwarves] I can imagine her bein a lil shy due to her height difference X3.
When Evelyn slipped and fell infront of the dwarves I though it was adorable and I made a MASSIVE gin when Thorin first said his name! XD

I loove the friendship between Evelyn and Kate. But I couldn't help but feel saddness for Evelyn since she didn't fit in, and Kate was giving most of her attention to the dwarves rather than her friend. But I was happy for her when they both started to fit in.
[I'm also happy that the reader gets an idea that evelyn has a soft pot for Thorin, but it was a REEAAL SHAME that Thorin didn't know of her feelings until... yea...]

When it came to the battle, I was hoping that Evelyn would be wondering what her role would be and end up doing something great, and you made that happen! During the battle [especially in Evelyn and Kate's point of view] I couldn't help but listen to this song:

I started to cry when Evelyn sacrificed herself to save Thorin. But I couldn't help but be.... sort of angry that Thorin didn't know of her true feeling sooner and that Thorin didn't take much notice of her at all during the story! Even after the war he was 'in a good mood' and didn't seem to cry or feel anything from her sacrifice [barely any of the dwarves seemed to of been remorseful except for Kate...]... But at least she got a worthy burial...

But I do love this story despite that lil critisism! I cant say much since I'm on a very big writer's block... Well sorta big one. I can fanfiction in my head a lil but I'm simply too lazy to put it into words...
I love the way you describe everything and I could picture this story so clearly in my mind. So I'd give this story....hmm....


I'm a pretty hard nut to crack when it comes to stories since I'm quite picky, but I did looove this fanfiction and I found it adorable! I may take some inspiration from it too! The only criticism I had is that I felt that Evelyn and Thorin didn't really have any conversation at all and her feelings were only show to him at her fall. Tis quite tragic.

But I really admire your story writing skills and I really wanna be a writer when I'm older and write an amazing story like JRR Tolkien did. So I'll try my best and will look to you for ideas when I need some [if thats ok with you?]

Overall: Very much love this story.
Its quite a tragedy as well as a fantasy, adventure with slight romance :)

P.S. The big 'THE END!!!' in your stories are really... ummm... I dont know... well its quite a finale! XD [I find it such a change of mood. its quite funny!]

P.P.S. Yikes. This is quite a long comment. Well it's a review... so yea! THANK YOU SO MUUCH FOR WRITING THIS WONDERFUL PIECE! [ouch.. my hands ache now...]

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Dyla Vyrana

Post on Sun Dec 09, 2012 6:02 pm by Dyla Vyrana

Thank you so much, Danie... I was really hoping you'd like it! I did not plan to write this much, but once I got started, it just kept going... :d

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Post on Tue Jan 08, 2013 5:33 am by Felagund

Really well done.

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Post on Wed Jan 09, 2013 3:38 am by DreamCatcher


Sorry, I don't know Hobbit stuff too well xD

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